The Years Hottest Fashion Accessory: Temporary Tattoos

Millions of people around the world are interested in the newest fashion trend: temporary tattoos.

Tattoos, which were once considered appropriate for bikers alone, are now showing up on people of all ages and occupations.  

Temporary Tattoos are the hottest accessory out there. If you are interested in getting a tattoo, but are not sure if you want to mark your body Permanently, you should consider a long lasting temporary tattoo before you get the real thing. 

These three types of long lasting temporary tattoos are the most popular and best looking alternatives to a traditional and permanent tattoo. 

Temporary Henna Tattoos:
Henna tattoos are a form of ancient Indian and Middle Eastern art. They have been done for thousands of years and are seen as a spiritual act as well as an art form. You can typically find henna tattoo artist in tourist spots like the beach. The process involves the artist painting your body with a henna mixture that includes henna leaves, black tea, and other ingredients like paprika.  

The henna designs are traditionally very elegant. After painting the design, the artist will apply a lemon paste over the tattoo and it will be left there for three hours or more. The color of a removable henna tattoo can be a range of brown or black. Each person will develop a different color. The henna tattoo will last around two weeks. 

Airbrushed Temporary Tattoos:

If you are looking for something a little less permanent or something with a modern feel, you might want to try airbrushed temporary tattoo. Airbrushed removable tattoos are done in a way similar to airbrushing a t-shirt. Again, there are an abundance of airbrush artists near the beach or other tropical tourist locations. An airbrush artist uses airbrush machinery and paint to apply your fake tattoo. Most artists use stencils to do this, although some will free hand their work. You can get a wide variety of colors with an airbrush tattoo. They have a more modern feel. The typical airbrush tattoo will last around three days. 

Temporary Tattoos

These fake tattoos can be done yourself by following the directions on the package. Although they were once reserved for children, today's temporary tattoos are created with adults in mind. Temporary tattoos usually last for several days and are waterproof.  

No matter which long lasting temporary tattoo you want to try, they are all very accessible. You can try them one at a time, or all three at once. They are perfect for a party or for a trip to the beach. You can enjoy the look of a tattoo without having to make a permanent commitment which makes long lasting temporary tattoos perfect for anyone.

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