Temporary Tattoos are the Hot New Advertising Trend!

By Joyce


Tattoos have become an established part of the mainstream lifestyle over the last decade. Tattooing has become so well-known and so popular that even companies as mainstream as mortgage companies are using tattoos in their ads to sell houses. Owning a house is thought to be pretty cool…so having tattoos and owning a house are a pretty cool combination.

Expensive cars owned by people with tattoos is another cool idea. An internet ad for Cadillac features drummer Travis Barker.  In his 30’s, he is a popular celebrity personality, top musician, very cool guy…and he’s covered in tattoos. People with tons of tattoos don’t usually buy Cadillacs, but the marketing people for Cadillac thought it would be very hip to show that you can be super-cool and also own a Cadillac.

Cigarette companies looking for a way to reach that very important 18-35 demographic are using tattoo flash images to build brand awareness. These ads seem to have incredible appeal and are very important for the cigarette companies who have had their ability to advertise severely cut back in recent years.

Liquor companies, like Captain Morgan Rum, are attempting to reach the younger generation drinker who will usually drink beer. These ad campaigns show that shots and mixed drinks are “in” and therefore “cool”.

Temporary tattoos are also becoming a very popular trend in advertising.  Hundreds of mainstream companies used temporary tattoos in advertising promotions last year. A custom designed tattoos with the company’s name or logo incorporated into a very cool tattoo design is a terrific and inexpensive way to get the word out thousands of times!