10 Ways to Commemorate Your Kid with a Tattoo

July 25, 010

More and more parents are opting to commemorate their offspring with not just a baby book, a simple photograph but with something more permanent. …a tattoo.

Here are 10 ways to commemorate your kid with skin and ink. 

The Foot Tattoo
Baby feet are just so damn cute. Tiny, soft and adorable the foot is a popular imprint to keep as a memory of how tiny your baby once was. Generally these are done on paper or clay but occasionally the parent wants something a bit more permanent like this foot, with name, tattoo.  

 The Hand Tattoo
If feet aren’t your thing, you can get your kids handprints on your body. It’s like the child got into an inkwell, soaked their paws and gave Daddy a great big push. Then the proud Dad went to their local tattoo parlor to have the moment saved for prosperity.

The Portrait Tattoo of your kid
Portrait tattoos are tricky. In the right hands they can be the spitting image of the honoree, in others…not so much. But if that’s the risk you’re up for taking, then it is all you. Regardless, when the child hits the independent pre-teen years the tattoo of them as a baby on your arm will probably embarrass the bejesus out of them.    

The Portrait of Someone Else’s Kid
If you don’t have kids, or just aren’t that fond of your own, get a tattoo of someone else’s kid. Here, a consenting adult opted to get a tattoo of Angelina Jolie’s adopted son Maddox on their body. 

 The Portrait of Kid’s Self Portraits
Charming, sweet and whimsical, the tattoos of your kid’s self portraits is an artistic, impressionistic memory of your child’s early years. Bonus points if your kid has actual talent.

 The Baby Was Here Tattoo
For those who really loved being pregnant and wished that there was a little one in (or in this case- on) your belly forever, some tattoos pays homage to fertility and the ability of the body to create bones and a being. ..with a baby tattooed on the belly.

The ‘I really like my kid’s name’ Tattoo
If you watched the 3rd season of Project Runway, then the neck of Jeffrey Sebelia would be very familiar to you. His calligraphy covered neck Sebelia shows an homage to his infant. His son’s name is boldly etched onto his neck. Poor kid, every time he talks to his dad he’ll have to see his name staring back at him.

The ‘I have not 1 but 6 to honor’ Tattoo
If you have more than one or two kids, getting something like a portrait of each would be pretty confining space wise. Getting something a bit more subtle in style and space would be a much better decision. Here Angelina Jolie has tattooed the map coordinates of where each of her children were born which spans three continents. And the nice thing for her, there’s plenty of room for more. It also provided good coverage of the scarring from her removal of the Billy Bob Thorton tattoo which was once there. 

The Portrait of Your Kid’s Favorite Toy
Be it a stuffed animal, a favorite dolly or a My Little Pony, one has the option of paying tribute to your child’s favorite toy instead of just the child themselves. This makes a great conversation piece at the playground.

The Keep Your Kid Busy Tattoo
Sure tattoos can be a cool way to merely commemorate your child, but how about one that will actually keep them busy? Now that’s some double duty skin art for sure. Someone got a connect the dots tattoo that when all the dots are combined turns into a cute giraffe. This is a  perfect way for little Jimmy or Janie to pass the time while in line at the five and dime.

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